Official Lenovo A7600-M Stock Rom [TOP]

Official Lenovo A7600-M Stock Rom [TOP]

Official Lenovo A7600-M Stock Rom 🆗 DOWNLOAD


Official Lenovo A7600-M Stock Rom


Thanks everyone
The device was returned to Lenovo and they upgraded to a brand new device
The device has never been rooted, and never made an installable rom before.
We (I and my friend) tried everything – no success.
However we did manage to take a bootable NTFS image from the bootable SD card on the phone and boot into SAFE MODE.
There were a lot of drivers files to flash – and finally managed to install them all successfully.
The install of the OEM software and all ROM files went ok and the phone was ready for use again.
The main work was done in CWM and Samsung updater.
The contents of the NTFS image were already rooted by the previous user.

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So, Using Removable Ripe you can install any stock Rom on Lenovo A10-70. And that is fast and easy. 


Download the DR REDLINE
(it takes a few seconds to download) and extract it to a folder, e.g. C:\RedLine
Run the main executable REDLINE.exe
Select the ROM you want to use from either of the two ROM/Device entry buttons.
Click the download button
Wait until the download is finished and click the Flash button

P.S. Make sure you have at least 1.5GB free space on your device (main storage, not MicroSD or USB)


If you are running Windows 10. It is very easy. Just follow the below steps :

Go to your C: drive.
Open the redline folder.
Using the Recovery option or Click on your Stock Rom (ROM) you want to add it click on the Download ROM button.
Click on the Add ROM button.


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.PHONY: help clean html dirhtml singlehtml pickle json htmlhelp qthelp devhelp epub latex latexpdf text man changes linkcheck doctest

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@echo ” dirhtml to make HTML files named index.html in directories”
@echo ” singlehtml to make a single large

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