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Amazon is now offering a rewards program, Amazon Rewards. Customers can earn points on their Kindle purchases and use those points to purchase gift cards and merchandise. The program offers a variety of benefits, including: 1. A 5% reward percentage on eligible items (for example, books) a la…

Announced this week, Amazon Prime Instant Video is offering a 10% credit when you subscribe to the service. Amazon is also offering a free trial, allowing you to watch five shows per month for a week, for free (you can choose your five shows, of course).

Amazon has rolled out a new service, Amazon Prime, which offers free two-day shipping on millions of items. Customers can sign up for Prime by paying $79 a year (a $10 annual fee is required to get free two-day shipping). While the program is set up to give customers benefits, there…

Amazon unveiled three new Kindle models last week at the Kindle Worlds launch event in LA. While they didn’t hold any surprises (they all sport Oled screens), they did feature some interesting accessories: The Kindle is now available in a 9-inch wide model; Amazon is starting to carry…

Amazon has a unique business model in that it’s a retail store, that’s connected to an e-commerce site. This is great for Amazon’s private label brands, such as Dicks Sporting Goods and Kmart. Amazon has a secret sauce: These private label brands do so well, so much so that Amazon’s…

Amazon has jumped into the personal finance software market with Blackbaud’s charting package, GoodGrocer. GoodGrocer is a free multi-user charting package that allows you to see your actual and budgeted spending against your fixed and variable income. There are several other features as…

Amazon is adding to its free shipping option for Prime members. The company announced Tuesday that it will be adding a free one-day shipping option to Prime members for the first time.

This week, Amazon is introducing video streaming (for $99 per year), which will be available to Kindle Fire devices. This is a huge move for Amazon (


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