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This tutorial will teach you how to use Photoshop’s tools and how to make a simple picture look better. It will teach you how to use the toolbox and how to use Photoshop to make your pictures look better.

Open a New Image

Start by opening a new file (A) by pressing the Open button (or by pressing Ctrl+O) and choosing the file type (Photoshop uses.PSD files). This tutorial will be taught using Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop CC, but you can apply similar concepts to previous Photoshop versions as well.

Create a Photo

Next, make sure that no tabs are selected in the Layers panel, as shown in Figure 1 below. To do this, press Ctrl+T. Now click on the New Layer button (or use the menu command) and type “Funny Monkey” in the dialog box that pops up, as shown in Figure 2 below. Once the layer has been created, type “Funny Monkey (2)” in the canvas. This is simply another layer of the monkey, and you will not use it for anything else. We will create a different layer that will save for future use.

Figure 2

Create a Text Layer

Using the Free Transform tool (found under the Rectangular Selection Tool), move the text layer so that it sits flush with the bottom of the composition. Use the Line tool to draw a fine line of black around the text, as shown in Figure 3 below. Press Enter (Return) to create a new layer. Choose the Type tool and Type “FYI” in the dialog box that pops up. Don’t worry about making the text in the proper font or using any advanced formatting yet.

Figure 3

Select the Image Tool

Open the Brush tool and click on it in the Tools list. Click on the Home tab of the Photoshop window to select it. You can now select any brush, as shown in Figure 4 below. Make sure that the Brush is set to “72” and that “Smooth” is highlighted. These are the settings for the tool.

Figure 4

Holding Shift, click on the Selection tool and then Alt/Option-click on the monkey, as shown in Figure 5 below. Because the monkey is the only thing in the image, the selection will select only the monkey. Now click on the monkey where you want to begin painting. If you’re not sure which area you want to paint on, Alt/Option

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Since I mainly use the elements version myself, I think I can provide the best and most accurate information on how to use the tool.

In addition to the regular tools, elements lets you edit layers, adjust curves, and apply special effects. You can create frames, apply borders, and alter them later. You can use layers to divide your composition or alter your background. With layers, you can also paint on layers to create a collage image.

This is a beginner’s guide to getting you started with Photoshop elements for the first time.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements starts with a preinstalled design template. There are several preinstalled templates that you can use for different kind of projects. Once you have all the tools on your computer, you can download free or paid templates to use for your own projects.


What are the tools you need for Photoshop elements?

Before you get started, you need to download the following tool:

The Corel Paint Shop Pro is an alternative to Photoshop and other professional tools. It contains several design tools, including advanced vector drawing, text, raster image editing, and painting tools. It has three basic tools: Eraser, paint and vector brushes.

The Photoshop Elements has a main tools palette and a toolbox.

To use any of the tools, you need to select the palette toolbox first. Select the tool you want to use and press the corresponding button on the keyboard to open the palette.

There are certain features that you can use in the classic tools palette and a toolbox. Photoshop Elements is designed for both beginners and professional users.

Types of images

As with most graphic designing tools, you can use Photoshop Elements for different kinds of images, including the following:

Final image or vectors

Photoshop elements has a font library that includes a full set of fonts. You can use these fonts in the text tool to create text. You can either design text at the bottom of the screen or use a text tool.

You can use the paint tools to create vector artwork, and you can manipulate vector graphics with the shape tools in the tools palette.

Photoshop elements has advanced shape tools to create shapes, and advanced tools to handle a wide range of shapes.

Photoshop elements has a number of drawing tools. These tools include line art tools, different shape tools and basic drawing tools.


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