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In order to play your favorite songs specialized applications must be used. X-Amp is one of them, and not only does it promise to deliver sound to your ears in high quality, but also provides a few powerful audio management tools.
A lightweight and complex music player
The application brings up a compact main window, where playback buttons are found, as well as several indicators and quick access points to all the tools it has to offer. Items added to your playlist are cleverly stored in a drop-down menu so that no precious space is occupied.
Rate and frequency of the sound it plays are visible, and you may also add a CPU meter to be integrated in the main window.
An integrated advanced professional equalizer
From the volume control area you can bring up the equalizer. It gives you full control over 31 sliders to carefully adjust sound so it reaches your ears as clean as possible.
Some presets are available, and you can save your own creations for a larger variety of choices. The frequency spectrum can only be displayed with bars for which you can set the color, as well as for peaks.
Add effects to further enhance sound
Another featured tool you can use is an effect processor. Like the equalizer, it displays a small customizable frequency spectrum. A few sliders let you set the pitch, echo, but not limited to boosting flanger base, audio enhancer or adding a cool rotation effect.
Record sound and generate samples
Amongst the tools mentioned above, you also have access to a sound recorder so that you can capture any audio from an input device which you can later edit in the equalizer or effects processor. Moreover, a sample generator puts two slides at your disposal to create a tone between 1Hz and 22 KHz.
A few last words
In conclusion, X-Amp offers a powerful set of tools you can use to play with sound. Missing hotkey support could have made the difference, but overall it makes for a fun experience. If you ever want to try something new besides the conventional, don't hesitate to give this utility a try.


Download · https://urlca.com/2mzoeh

Download · https://urlca.com/2mzoeh






X-Amp Keygen Download PC/Windows (Final 2022)

X-Amp is an app for iPhone and iPod touch that lets you import your favorite music into a high quality playlist. All tracks are stored in the app, with no need to copy them to your device.
Take your music wherever you go with X-Amp
X-Amp has been designed to make your music life easy. Play any songs on-the-go using your device’s built-in iPod player. Adding music to your playlist is easy. Drag and drop your favorite tracks into the playlist or select them from the list. When you tap play, X-Amp instantly starts playing the selected tracks in the background. X-Amp is the only iPod touch app that can create playlists. Even if you’re offline, you can still create a playlist or add songs to an existing playlist. When your device is plugged in, you can enjoy listening to all of your music in the music library.
What’s New in Version 1.7.0
– Fix crash in a future update
– Improve Airplay using iPod sharing
– Add Spotify support
– Other minor bug fixes and improvements
As always, please continue to send us your feedback about X-Amp and your suggestions for the next version.
For more information about X-Amp please visit
What’s New in Version 1.6.0
– Don’t stop looping
– Bug fixes
As always, please continue to send us your feedback about X-Amp and your suggestions for the next version.
For more information about X-Amp please visit
X-Amp PasswordLock
X-Amp is out. A new version of the application is available. Its main feature is a new design, a new layout for the main interface and the addition of several new features.
X-Amp Description:
X-Amp is an app for Mac to add a great selection of music to your iPod or iPhone. It will replace iTunes if you wish to listen to your digital music collection without having to copy them to your iPod.
Select your favorite music, in most cases

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X-Amp Activation Code is the top-rated all-in-one music player for the Windows platform. This audio player is designed for advanced users as well as beginners. The program plays a wide variety of audio formats, and allows you to easily manage your entire music collection from all sources. With Cracked X-Amp With Keygen you can also record and edit sound via a few simple tools. X-Amp provides full control over the sound you hear, and includes a full equalizer, effects processor, sample recorder, and more. Music/Audio Player

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X-Amp Crack

X-Amp is a powerful, easy-to-use music application, which combines the advantages of a professional hi-fi sound and an easy-to-use music player into one. Whether you listen to music on your music player, a playlist on your portable device or on your computer with iTunes, X-Amp delivers perfect sound with the one thing you have in abundance: your ears! You can experience hi-fi sound quality with X-Amp’s powerful professional equalizer, which has a full spectrum of 31 sliders. You can adjust the curves to your liking, and you can instantly generate new presets by combining the sliders. Other features of X-Amp include an advanced waveform display, quality equalizer with separate bands for display, a simple but powerful video equalizer, a sound recorder and a sample generator. X-Amp has been widely praised for its interface, as well as for its powerful tools, which ensure that the sound is as natural as possible. X-Amp makes a quality music experience even more enjoyable with the USB port, which also takes care of controlling your music player. Finally, X-Amp connects to iTunes using the USB connection, so you can import your music and play it on the go.
Key Features:
* A full spectrum of 31 sliders with for mastering
* 9 presets
* A powerful professional equalizer with separate bands for display
* Audio recording with voice note recording
* Full waveform display
* Online documentation
* Sound recorder
* A sample generator


































































What’s New In X-Amp?

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System Requirements:

* Dual-Core CPU
* 1GB of RAM
* 8GB of disk space
* DirectX 9.0c-compatible video card
* You must install from within the Steam folder to get the game to install. A stand-alone installation will not work.
* You will need to have your Windows Update settings for Game Updates (under “Programs and Features”) set to “Check for game updates but let me choose whether to download and install them” in order to update automatically. You can change this option in your Control Panel,


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