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Converting basic units is easy enough that you can do it without any type of help. However, some complex items require outside input, whether from the Internet or from specialized apps, such as WinConverter.
This software can help you transform between over 1,400 different units, stacked under nearly 80 categories. If there are any missing units that you need to use, you can easily create them by filling out a simple form.
The vast collection of categories this app provides should cover all your needs. Among these you can find mass, length, time, volume, acceleration, energy, power, temperature, conductivity, resistance, density, angle, flow, illumination, chemical, radiation and volume just to name a few. Custom categories can also be added, if you wish so.
These can be accessed from a drop down-menu in the interface or by swapping between the tabs placed at the bottom of the main frame. The units are listed in the two halves of the window (input and output).
Given the large number of available items, WinConverter further allows you to search for both units and categories. Results are displayed instantly.
WinConverter enables you to modify a few settings. For example, you can sort the units in alphabetical order, have the app run on system startup, choose the result number format and even change the font.
The fact of the matter is that WinConverter is an advanced tool that offers a wide variety of options to its users. The interface is quite simple to use and the intuitive layout should be easy to figure out even by less experienced users.









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WinConverter enables you to transform between almost 1,400 different units, from more than 80 categories.

This software can help you with your daily calculations and conversions. It is extremely easy to use and you will probably find that you can accomplish all the tasks you need with no problem.
The program includes many options for customizing the behavior of the software, but also a number of options.
For example, you can have the program run at startup. You can select the kind of units you want displayed and whether or not you want the system to automatically update its results as new units are added.
You can even adjust the result display, the way in which data is displayed and the way in which the program behaves on the computer screen.
Finally, the software allows you to search for both units and categories.
What’s more, you can have WinConverter translate units into a number of different currencies. This is a great way to view data in a different currency, without having to change the unit.
WinConverter is compatible with Microsoft Windows.
WinConverter Customer Reviews:

Zercon3v67, a Computer Software Reviewer at, commented:

I have been using this software since it was released, and I am very satisfied with it. It is easy to use, and it never gets in my way. I can quickly convert from one system to another using the same units of measure. I can see the amount of time it takes to convert one unit to the next. I found it to be one of the better converters for Windows, and I can recommend it to anyone who is using Windows to perform many different types of conversions.

Product Comments:

MichaelKlant, a Computer Software Reviewer at, commented:

I used this converter for a while, and it was quite easy to use. It can convert from almost 1,400 different units and it can convert from almost 80 categories. Some units and categories are rare, but they are easy to find. I also liked the fact that you can convert the units at the same time you are finding the result. When I want to convert mass, for example, I have to look up mass. After I found the mass, then I am looking for a number with the same units. Then I can continue with the conversion. This app can also easily perform multiple conversions at the same time. I also liked

WinConverter Crack PC/Windows

WinConverter, as the name suggests, is a converter of units. It can convert the units from one side to the other. You can even set the categories and search through it. But that is not all. WinConverter further enables you to modify settings. The interface is quite simple to use and the intuitive layout should be easy to figure out even by less experienced users.
Integral Key Features:
1. A large range of units, with over 1,400 items.
2. Simple interface, you do not need any special training or even software to use it.
3. Can search for both items and categories, and you can also filter the results.
4. Enables you to modify settings.
5. Modify font settings.
6. Display result number automatically.
7. You can sort the items by input or output.
8. Free download of WinConverter.
9. Free updates for the lifetime of the application.
10. Accessible by installing a simple, free application.
11. Download to over 1,500,000 users.
12. Support from the developer.






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Implicit conversion of empty string to int causing exception

This works:
int a = 10;
string b = “10”;
string c = 10.0;
Console.WriteLine(a.Equals(b)); // True
Console.WriteLine(a.Equals(c)); // False

Why doesn’t the conversion throw an exception in this case?
int a = 0;
string b = “10”;
string c = 10.0;
Console.WriteLine(a.Equals(b)); // False

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WinConverter is the first app in the world that lets you convert units from over 1500 different categories.
WinConverter is much more than a converter. It is the fastest app for converting units, with over 1,400 categories. It is the first unit converter with a built in calculator, so you can convert and calculate.
It lets you take advantage of units that you normally wouldn’t think of converting.
WinConverter is the only converter app with online help, free support and updates.

WinConverter Features:
– Supports over 1500 different units and units ratios
– Supports over 40 different units ratio categories
– Built in calculator
– Units can be sorted in many different ways
– Unit settings can be changed
– Various settings such as font, results type, etc. can be changed
– Online help and support
– Update can be obtained by simply logging in to the WinConverter website

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What’s New in the WinConverter?

WinConverter can be downloaded at CNET

boto3 S3 get_all_buckets – TypeError: get_all_buckets() missing 1 required positional argument: ‘buckets’

I am trying to use boto3 to query for all the buckets in an S3 bucket.
Here is the code:

from boto3.session import Session
s = Session()

BUCKET_NAME = “my-bucket”
s3 = boto3.client(“s3”)

The code runs ok with 2 errors:

TypeError: get_all_buckets() missing 1 required positional argument: ‘buckets’

System Requirements For WinConverter:

IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend that you run the game on the minimum recommended specs as a base and then scale up or down to suit your system. You can do this by changing the minimum recommended specs displayed below in the settings. Changing your graphics settings will most likely cause you to encounter problems.
Please contact our Customer Service Team at if you have any questions about system requirements and we will be able to help you.
– Game includes multiple language support and your hardware needs to support that.
– Internet connection is required to play

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