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WinBcp is a utility to transfer data between operating systems and databases. It is not for data replication. Data is not transferred in transactions, records, etc. It transfers complete files, tables, view statements, and rows. WinBcp supports all types of data; text, binary, and image. It is very efficient when transferring large amounts of data. It can be used for data movement between operating systems, between databases, between Sybase servers, and between Sybase databases.


Installation of WinBcp is a very simple process. It comes with all the files it needs to operate. If you have any problems after you have installed the program, it is often a good idea to double check that you have all the necessary files. There is a manual installation section of the WinBcp help system that will walk you through the steps necessary to install the program.

The WinBcp program can be installed using the Run Program dialog box or the Start menu.

To install WinBcp on a Windows 95, 98, or ME system, click the Start menu and then select Run. In the Run dialog box, type in:


Press Enter. This will start the installation program.

WinBcp is usually installed under the Programs menu. However, if you were to reinstall WinBcp, you would need to start the installation program under the C:\PROGRA~1\Sybase\ folder.

To install WinBcp on a Windows 2000, XP, or Vista system, click Start and then select Run. In the Run dialog box, type in:

C:\Program Files\Sybase\

Press Enter. This will start the installation program.

WinBcp is usually installed under the Program menu. However, if you were to reinstall WinBcp, you would need to start the installation program under the C:\Program Files\Sybase\ folder.

File Types:

WinBcp comes with a large number of different file types that can be used with it. WinBcp supports the following file types:




E-Mail Messages

Calendar Files

Access or Paradox Database Files

Access or Paradox Database Tables

MDB Database Files

Sybase Server Files

Sybase Server Tables

WinBcp supports text files,

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WinBcp is a command-line utility for copying data between various database tables within a single or multiple databases. It can also copy data between different servers and databases. This utility is used to implement backup and restore operations as well as archiving.

Note: At the present time WinBcp is a 32 bit only application!

Using WinBcp:

Run WinBcp.exe and you should see a window that looks something like this:

Enter the information you want to copy and click on “OK”.

For more information, use the “Help” command from the “File” menu. This will bring up the following window.

Before you start, it is always a good idea to make a copy of the database and have the database server to use to restore from, using Sybase Central’s backup service. If you don’t you could end up with very unhappy customers.Q:

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WinBcp copies the contents of a database table to or from a an operating system file. It can also copy data between different Sybase servers and database tables.
Get WinBCP and give it a try to see for yourself just how useful it can actually be for you!



Your comments

Copyright 2005 R.E.

Opinions expressed in this column are my own and are presented for educational purposes only.

Unfortunately, the Sybase folks have no way to distribute a list of all the third party components that are supported by any given release.

Getting the full list of 3rd party components is always time consuming, but on the positive side, it’s a worthwhile effort, because there may be times when a 3rd party component can make the life of the developer a whole lot easier.

Sometimes a 3rd party component does more than just make life a little easier.


There is a function in the Sybase system that lets the programmer design any number of relational tables, index them, and then use those tables in further operations.

The design and setup of the database is all done with that function. The designer may create a table of 15 fields, and no there is no way to know if the 15 fields will be used by some 3rd party application.

And, to add to the problem, there is no way to test those application either, so it can be proven that those fields were used.

In such cases, the developer may have a hard time deciding what to use to test the functionality.

If the developer used a real server and the real database, this would have been a non-issue.

If he used a real database but ran the tests using a dummy server, then he wouldn’t have had any idea whether the real or the dummy server was at fault.

A 3rd party component can help in these types of situations.

In the above example, we have a table that has fifteen fields. Using a 3rd party component, it is easy to add and use the missing fields from the developer’s perspective.

But the 3rd party component could also be used to access the fields that were not included in the table design. This is very useful because it saves the developer a lot of time.

The developer can test the 3rd party component without

What’s New In?

This package contains the SQL Server components of IBM DB2 universal client 7.

Version 1.00
– Fixed bug that caused the “To…” dialog to disappear from the clipboard.
– Added option “Disable notification when queries are queued”, which can be useful when WinBcp is used to copy table data.

Version 1.01
– Fixed error in installing MySQL Driver, thanks to Marcin Czerwiński
– Fixed issue with database not being deleted when WinBcp was first run
– Small improvements in UI
– Added “tool” menu to start “Bcp” from command prompt
– Added checks for error conditions when using tool and client components

Version 1.02
– Change in WinBcp to allow only applications with administrator privileges to perform dbcp-specific operations (such as deletes, create triggers and types)

Version 1.03
– Bugfixes
– Added option “Add header to copied result set” to “Help” menu
– Can now copy varchar(max) columns to sys.sysdatabase to sys.systables and sys.sysjoblog
– Fixed issue with synch.log not being written if database is dropped in WinBcp
– Fixed bug in cb.dll

Version 1.04
– Fixed errors in exit code of dbcp utility
– Added “Notification” (setting on/off) to Options menu
– Added “Log Format” (setting to cut or show all)

Version 1.05
– Added and tested support for DSNs, thanks to Marcin Czerwiński

Version 1.06
– Fixed bugs in version 1.05

Version 1.07
– Fixed bug that prevented from copying multiple tables and splitting result sets

Version 1.08
– Fixed bug in sysallocunit function
– Added checks for error conditions when copying data from client to server
– Added checks for error conditions when copying data from server to client

Version 1.09
– Added sorting options (first, last, column) to all result sets
– Can now copy view data to client database, thanks to Marcin Czerwiński
– Fixed bug that prevented from copying charset data to sys.systables
– Fixed bug that prevented from copying fulltext indexes to sys.systables

Version 1.10
– Added option to set “copy whole database” in WinBcp menu
– Added option to specify target database for COPY table data
– Added option to copy data from a new database

Version 1.11
– Added support for BCP to “fast-forward” database schema
– Added option to copy data to different file system
– Added option to copy data to a network directory

Version 1.12
– Added option to check for error conditions when

System Requirements For WinBCP:

Supported OS:
We’re going to let our customers decide whether to develop games for PC or Mac, and we would prefer if you developed games for both platforms. Our minimum system requirements for PC and Mac include OS X 10.6 or later (10.9 recommended) and Windows 7 or later. That said, we have developers who have worked with older Mac and Windows systems.
The minimum system requirements for Mac OS X 10.6 are as follows:
– 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or better
– 2 GB RAM

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