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Aug 12, 2016

A, I had an opportunity to listen to this event in the U.S.,

and I heard that in fact the speaker who said that “Kanagawa is too expensive”

was as interested in [noting] the trouble you took in the year, that (as) you have another leader is about to start the new business,

by the U.S.I am very sad to hear it because I think it will be hard to come up with a different business model because of a change in the lifestyle and the population.

I think the figures that he mentioned in the speech would not be wrong.

If you don’t tell me I am a president of Kanagawa, I will tell you I am Vice President of Kanagawa.

It is your problem that I do not want to.

I am not interested in the politics, but at this point it is fine if the other parties would step back.

Thank you for your communication.

I believe we can continue to talk about business from the point of view of scientific and social management,

However, I think that you do not understand the current situation, and therefore it is not easy to clarify it.

At this point, the problem is that I do not want to change my policy.

You seem to think that if I do not continue with the policy of “Japan is too expensive”

it will go back to the days when it was the time of high-rise housing in Tokyo.

The days of the high-rise housing.

If you continue with this policy, it will be impossible to realize this.

The problem is that the young population who are educated at this point will not accept it.

You think it is bad to become rich,

but the problem is that it will not be accepted by the population who are educated.

It is not certain whether this will be accepted, but it will certainly be difficult.

As long as it is accepted by the population who are not educated,

I believe that it will not be difficult.




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