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PunkGraphicStream Serial Key [Mac/Win] [Latest-2022]

– extracts subtitles using Advanced SubStationAlpha
– the extracted subtitling is then mapped to the RGB (i.e. Y’Cb’Cr’) colour space.
– outputs the subtitle timings in h.264 format.
– subtitles formatted in NTSC NTSC DVD video standard, NTSC PAL SDH video standard, NTSC ITA, PAL PAL DVD video standard and PAL ITA.
– subtitles formatted according to the PDAA.3 standard.
– subtitle format defined in PDAA.2 in BUP (Multi-session) / HDV (Single-session) format.
– subtitle format defined in PDAA.1 in BUP (Single-session) / HDV (Single-session) format.
– subtitle format defined in PDAA.2 in BUP (Multi-session) / HDV (Multi-session) format.
– subtitle format defined in PDAA.1 in BUP (Multi-session) / HDV (Multi-session) format.
– optional support for subtitle files in SUBPACK format.
– supports VOB or VOB+BTI for single-session subtitles.
– default subtitle timing formats are NTSC (for NTSC/NTSC formatted subtitles) and PAL (for PAL/PAL formatted subtitles).
– support for Latin (ISO-8859-1) and Cyrillic (CP-866) characters.
– support for Chinese (GB-18030), Japanese (Shift-JIS), Korean (EUC-KR) and Thai (SMI) characters.
– support for Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) UTF-16 and UTF-32 characters.
– support for Intel UTF-8 character set.
– support for UCS-2/UTF-16LE and UCS-4/UTF-32BE characters.
– support for the BS_2022-1978 character encoding standard.
– subtitle extraction is carried out on an end-to-end basis in bitstream order.
– frames may be extracted with and without fields.
– for each extracted frame a new PID(Packet ID) is generated. If there are no
subtitle frames then an SPS(Sequence Parameter Set) frame is generated instead.
– for each SPS/PPS frame a new PID is generated. If there are no PPS/PPS frames then
an NAL unit is generated.

PunkGraphicStream With Key (Latest)

– Import a TS-file with Advanced SubStationAlpha subtitles
– Merge subs and macro(s) with basic settings
– Output a single blu-ray disc with Advanced SubStationAlpha blu-ray compatible subtitles
– Using advanced settings such as ‘BlueEyes’ or ‘ColorConversion’, the standard ‘RGB->Y’Cr’Cb’ conversion colour space setting may not provide a perfect match with one’s movie image settings
– In addition, use AdvancedSubstationAlpha in the background to provide a more refined subtitle colour conversion
Version 1.0.0
– Text properties are saved on the main script (see ‘Save’ button)
– View all properties of a particular user-defined entry (e.g. in the ‘Properties’ tab)
– Advanced formatting options for the subtitle text, such as text style, font, size, text colour etc
– Advanced settings for modifying the standard blu-ray subtitle rendering can be found in the corresponding menu entries
– ‘Basic settings’ are either saved on a ‘general settings’ file or on the main script
– Settings are translated to ‘FormattedText’ files for disc-creation
– All advanced settings are translated to ‘FormattedText’ files for disc-creation
– High-quality PNG-pictures can be selected for each subtitle entry (see ‘Picture’ button)
– Tagging subtitles with hexadecimal addresses (and the standard translations) is also possible
– The standard Blu-ray subtitle rendering engine will be used when AdvancedSubstationAlpha is set to ‘OFF’
– In addition to AdvancedSubstationAlpha, a compatibility mode will be used to render the subtitles
– AdvancedSubstationAlpha requires: AdvancedSubstationAlpha, AdvancedSubstationAlpha-Compatibility, and AdvancedSubstationAlpha-lib-Support (all available for download)
– AdvancedSubstationAlpha can also be used to convert regular, MTS-files and VOB-files for blu-ray burning
– AdvancedSubstationAlpha, AdvancedSubstationAlpha-Compatibility, and AdvancedSubstationAlpha-lib-Support can all be downloaded from the website
– AdvancedSubstationAlpha can also be installed using c-panel
– AdvancedSubstationAlpha was developed with Linux and WINE in mind and should not require any blueray specific settings
– AdvancedSubstationAlpha-Compatibility is written for GNU/Linux, and can therefore be used with several different OS’s (e


PunkGraphicStream is a python subtitle creator for the playback of Blu-ray files

Adds an Action Text button to the menu that opens the AT file editor.
Useful for the editing of Action Text files, such as those created by Apple TextKit.
Run on Windows and MacOS X. No MacOS X version currently available.
Mac Version: Based on Notepad++ (Notepad++ does not support Unicode)
Windows version: Based on Notepad++ (Notepad++ does not support Unicode)
More Info:

…In a way a an virtual DV-cam.
I tried to open the OSX movieedit but it failed to load (v.5.5.0)
applying the codec-settings-option in Movieedit is not what I need.
I just want to add subtitles to a QuickTime-movie.
QuickTime/Flux-formats are supported but…

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I am looking for a professional Motion Graphic designer.
Working on both Mac and Windows.
I will require an introduction/task brief and files to be delivered.
5-10 files of around 1MB-2MB per file.
Files will require color and black and white changes.
You can also work in layers if required.
I will need the files vectorized to suit the print (wide format)

…In a way a an virtual DV-cam.
I tried to open the OSX movieedit but it failed to load (v.5.5.0)
applying the codec-settings-option in Movieedit is not what I need.
I just want to add subtitles to a QuickTime-movie.

What’s New in the PunkGraphicStream?





Download the zip file from the download location above and unzip into your program folder of Adobe After Effects CS5. Double click the AdvancedSubStationAlpha.zip (Ctrl-click will open the window as well) icon to open the Package Installer. Click “Install” and click “Close” at the end of the installation.


How do I use this plugin?

Step 1 – Change to Advanced SubStation Alpha (ASC) mode for the frame you wish to use subtitles for. (Make sure that you have the ‘Allow for this frame to be masked’ button selected in the Frame settings).

Step 2 – Adjust the Time and Line numbers as desired (Both numbers can be changed for a timedelta rather than a whole number of seconds). You may need to remove and re-add Subtitles in the Layer settings.

Step 3 – From the Effects menus, choose the option to Save the Frame for later use. You should see a new option to “Add subtitle”. Click this option to add subtitles, they should now appear in the timeline. You can also use the “Help” button if you want to check the full list of features.

How do I change the colour of the text?

You can do this by opening the Subtitle Settings for the frame. This can be done from the drop down menu ‘Adjust Subtitles’ and ‘Advanced Substation Alpha Settings’. From there you can edit the text color, apply a gradient and adjust the opacity of the text.

What is the difference between the various colours in the Advanced Substation Alpha settings?

White – Shows no colour, but still displays as text.

Black – Shows the text as black on white.

Blue – Shows the text as blue on black.

Red – Shows the text as red on black.

Green – Shows the text as green on black.

Yellow – Shows the text as yellow on black.

Orange – Shows the text as orange on black.

Pink – Shows the text as pink on black.

Purple – Shows the text as purple on black.

Brown – Shows the text as brown on black.

Cyan – Shows the text as cyan on black.

Pink-Brown – Shows the text as pink-brown on black.

Grey – Shows the text as grey on black.

Grey-Pink-Brown – Shows the text as grey-pink-brown on black.

Gradient – Shows the text as a gradient over a white or black background.

Grey-Gradient – Shows the text as a gradient over a white or black background.

Did you use the colour hexadecimal value #XXXXXX or #CCCCCC?

Yes! They are

System Requirements For PunkGraphicStream:

Operating System: Windows XP SP3 with.NET Framework 4.5.2+
Processor: 2.0 GHz dual core processor
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel GMA 950 or equivalent graphics card
Input Devices: Keyboard and mouse
Network: Internet connection
Storage: 4 GB available space
Additional Notes: The.NET Framework 4.5.2+ and Visual Studio 2012 are not required for the game. However, for a smoother game experience, running Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 8 is


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