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GeneXus X is a comprehensive and lightweight application that provides users with a simple means of generating and maintaining applications automatically for different platforms such as Java J2EE, .NET or .NET Compact Framework.
GeneXus X is worth having when you want to design, create and maintain the structures and modules for the specified database in a well-defined programming environment.
GeneXus X is a professional tool aimed at assisting analysts and users throughout the lifecycle of the applications.







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1.Multiple Database support
SQL, ODBC and JDBC versions
2.Easy-to-use GUI
GenX-Create and Edit Dynamic Web pages, Forms
3.Database Designer
Data Visualization, Poly model, Job Setup, Job Run
Data Transformation, MDX, BOF,
Metadata, Stored Procedure, Query, JDBC
Over All view, SQL Script
5.Schedule a job
In-table, Parameterized, Define Data Scramble,
Define Time Scramble, Define Wait Scramble,
Composite tags, View, Table, Stored procedure, Mapping,
Job parameter,
7.Supports versioning
8.Web service support

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Like @Dan is saying, I use and like BlueDragon. Some of the features it offers are:
– Full text search of your tables, indexes, and views
– Versioning, Schema compare, and full text search support
– Security – We have a user role system and allow users to view only certain data. Modifications are logged to a file and emailed to anyone that is authorized to access the database
– Windows and Linux support

Blue Dragon is free for use in personal projects. It is a rather large download, but is worth the time when learning SQL Server.


There are several options available to you, and while they do require that you use SQL Server, they may be a better fit for your particular situation.

SAP HANA is an option if the database is Oracle.
Microsoft SQL Server is probably your best option if you need to work with SQL Server databases.
Blue Dragon provides options for working with MS SQL Server and Oracle databases.
SQL Anywhere is a database that works in a Windows environment. It’s not my favorite option, but it may be useful to know about.

Also check out SQLite for an option that supports multiple databases, along with the ability to work without Microsoft SQL Server.
Finally, make sure to check out SQL Server 2005, the easiest to learn, most free and widely supported version.

GeneXus X [Updated-2022]

1. One-click exporting to JUnit
2. Compatibility with Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, and 12c databases and ETL Tool.
3. Help System containing several tutorials.
4. XSLT Editor capability
5. Wildcard allowed in the local path of XSLT import
6. Transfer data filter (cursor based)
7. Simple manual updating without the need to update the database
8. Compatible with Linux, Windows, and Solaris OS
9. CrossPlatform compatible with Java J2EE,.NET and.NET CF platforms
10. GeneXus X is completely package based and therefore also supports VB, Java, C++ and C# developers as well.
11. No Windows Installer Required (Excluding Windows XP 32 bit).
12. Version Control Capability by using Git, SVN or TFS.
13. Support for the various JDBC drivers.
14. Support for ActiveX controls.
15. The internationalisation is fully supported.
16. The ability to export to scripts and compiled java programs (JUnit).
17. A Script Based Testing Enabler.
18. Methodology-Based Programming Support (Like UML Diagrams)
19..NET class support (for.NET)
20. Support for using different IDE’s.
21. Support for multiple database type (ODS, Sybase, DB2, Teradata, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access, MS SQL Server)
22. Support for optional database import
23. Support for batch deployment

**More about GeneXus**

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GeneXus X Download [Mac/Win]

1. Developing Database Applications………………………14. Customizing Header Files……………..19. Hosting Suitable Web Applications……………………23. Support for ColdFusion and Microsoft.NET…………………….33. Support for MySQL, Oracle and DB2…………………………45. Support for Oracle UML, MSBuild Support…………………….56. Interprocess communication (IPC)…………………….
GeneXus X Description:
GeneXus X is the tool that provides high level interface to GeneXus IX, GeneXus X database system and GeneXus X programming language. GeneXus X is the only application which provides interface to both IX and X, and developed by customized IX interface. The interface is supported in the following situations:
1. GeneXus IX developers can develop an interface if they have no knowledge of application using GeneXus IX, and they can create a custom interface by using the function of GeneXus X language.
2. GeneXus X users can create an interface by using the function of GeneXus X language, when they have no knowledge of GeneXus IX.
GeneXus X is the new generation data management system based on the open source database system, and is developed by using the object-oriented programming (OOP) method.
GeneXus X is the software for the application users of web applications.
GeneXus X is a framework system that can be used to build the web application structure with a unified client-server environment, and can also be used to design the database with the same framework system.
GeneXus X is a software solution aimed at providing database application developers the ability to develop, manage, and control their application(s) using their own database.
When GeneXus X is launched, it is run automatically, by this way, you can quickly develop an application without knowing any details about programming.
GeneXus X provides a new interface with an easy to use SQL programming language. The interface is also easy to learn.
GeneXus X provides a unique feature of the API, which can be used to link to a Java or.NET application.
GeneXus X is a web based application with a unified application environment, and can be used by both Windows and Linux environment.
1 Introduction
1.1 GeneXus X Database System
GeneXus X provides basic database management system supporting CRUD, and the database system is the first is GeneXus system which provides RDBMS.

What’s New In?

GeneXus X is a tool built on a common framework that implements a component model.
GeneXus X has a number of advantages:
• Allows code generation of modules for multiple database vendors, schemas and languages as well as for a variety of programming and mapping languages.
• GeneXus X supports all major relational database systems, as well as every kind of XML and Scripts.
• GeneXus X is cross-platform: Java and.NET.
• GeneXus X allows the application designer/developer to design or customize an application from the specifications of the database.
The program has been developed for a number of SQL-based databases to ease the tasks of the user when working with the database. 
GeneXus X is a versatile, simple to use, and powerful tool that makes it very easy for users to develop desktop, web-based or enterprise applications.
Supported Data Sources:
(Mainly used in SYSCFG)
Java 1.6 or higher
.NET 3.5SP1 or higher
.NET Compact Framework 3.5
.NET Framework 3.0 or higher
.NET Framework 2.0 or higher
.NET Framework 1.1 or higher
.NET Framework.NET Compact Framework 1.0 or higher
.NET Framework 1.0 or higher
Active Server Pages 3.0 or higher
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Access Database Engine 2.0 or higher
.NET Compact Framework v2.0 or higher
Access Database Engine 2.0 or higher
Previous Versions:
This application can be easily downloaded and installed through a setup with corresponding installer packages.
To run the application:
1. Open the setup.
2. Click the Run button.
3. Accept the terms of the license agreement.

For System Requirements:
Operating Systems:
Windows XP / Vista / 7
Windows 8
Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2008R2 / 2012
OS: Windows XP / Vista

System Requirements For GeneXus X:

Operating Systems:
Windows 7 or later
64-bit processor
1GB RAM (8GB recommended)
HDD space 7GB (15GB recommended)
64-bit Intel-compatible graphics card recommended.
Mac OSX 10.9.5 or later
Intel processor
1024×768 screen resolution
Other OS:
Windows 8/8.1

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