Garmin Unlock Generator V1.7 45 !FREE!

Garmin Unlock Generator V1.7 45 !FREE!

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Garmin Unlock Generator V1.7 45

i would like to use the unlocked maps for my garmin forerunner 10.
i have used the garmin unlock generator to generate the unlock code.
when i input the code, the garmin unlock screen appears on the screen
of the watch (as it should). however, when i click ok, mapsource does
not recognize that the file is unlocked and i cannot see the
unlocked maps. any ideas? thanks.> wrote in message
> i use the garmin unlock generator. i enter my garmin gps serial number
then the map i want to unlock and the resulting unlock code. i copied the
map from mapsource, unlocked the map in mapsource and then plugged the
map into my garmin. it worked for me.

i then downloaded the maps from the garmin site and loaded them into
mapsource. they show up on the garmin gps.


bill welch wrote in message
> when i open mapsource, it is locked on cn v8. the cn map works,
however, when i attempt to unlock it, it says it cannot be unlocked.
i’m not sure if it unlocks the maps for the watch or not. the
calculator doesn’t work. any help would be appreciated.

bob l

thanks for your help. i tried the calculator option and it produced
this message: “there is a problem with the format of the unlock code.
this code is not valid. please re-enter the unlock code.”
i then tried all the suggested options and no luck. any other

attached is a screen shot of what i see. i cannot unlock the
map for the forerunner 10. i’m getting the same message as above.
thanks again for your help.

bob l

i’d like to use the unlocked maps for my garmin forerunner 10.

> i am using the gtu6. i have tried the following: 1) opened the garmin unlock generator 1.3 program 2) input gps unit id in the first box. 3) clicked on generate for the your gm xt device lock code to generate a code. 4) in select map product, scrolled down to custom mapset and entered 170 for na city navigator 8 mapset as per hex code converted to decimal in the registry. 5) clicked on generate for the your map unlock code to generate another code. 6) opened mapsource. 7) clicked on utilities – unlock maps and unlock wizard is started. 8) clicked on next 9) clicked on yes, i have a 25-character unlock code. 10) input the generated codes from the keygen, and only unlocks the map within mapsource. input either generated code, issue remains. 11) upon copying the maps from mapsource, states that maps are not unlocked for gps device.
i found a way around this that you might be interested in. i had the same problem as a previous post, and the only way to get it to unlock without a phone connection was with a trainer. you can use the gc connect app on your phone and your watch. open up the app and go to the “my maps” section. it will ask you to select the map. select the map you want and it will start the garmin connect app and it will ask you to connect your watch and you will have to let it use your gps signal. if you go through this step, the map will unlock. if you have the watch set to “use only gps”, you will not have a problem.
i have had the same problem with the previous versions of this program. i have tried to use my android phone to unlock the map and nothing works. the only thing that does work is using the garmin gps 320 and selecting the map that i want to unlock. if you are having thesame problem, i would suggest you use that as the unlock method. i found that the garmin gps 320 has better gps signal than my android phone, so it should work.

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