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Screen capture your computer screen and your virtual mouse cursor on a Web page – now you can have access to detailed information on
what you search for when surfing the web. When you record a Google search, G-Zapper will store it in a log file and organize that
information in a manner that is similar to a photograph taken with a cam-corder.
Keywords are placed in a specific order with dates when searches were performed. Note: When you record your screen, it is
important that you minimize all windows and other screen activities. While you are watching your screen, you must not click or touch
any keys or elements on your screen (such as buttons, icons, or text). You must also not click the Back button to navigate back to a previous page in your browser.
The information recorded by G-Zapper is a very small file, so you can scan and record your screen without fear that it will be
included in the standard log file. So, you can perform searches on your computer and screen in peace knowing G-Zapper is
watching. We encourage users to record their computer screen and their mouse cursor while you search Google.
While G-Zapper is recording your screen and mouse cursor, you will be able to see a screen overlay while you can interact with
your computer. That will allow you to navigate within your favorite browser and type in your search. G-Zapper will capture, save
to disk and print out this log as a PDF file.
An interesting feature of G-Zapper is that it captures information on what you search for when using your browser’s
built-in search engine. Most people type in a keyword (i.e. “zapper”) or type the text on a Web page. So, if you think about
using your browser’s built-in search engine (usually located at the top of the page), type in a keyword (like “g-zapper”) and hit the
Search button. G-Zapper will record exactly what you searched for.
When you share your screen with G-Zapper, you will be able to search using your friends and family’s screens. Invite them to
record their screen and, at the end of the day, share the screen capture as a pdf file.
G-Zapper Pro Edition Features:
• Create a standalone application:
G-Zapper Pro Edition is a stand-alone application and does not require

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• Clear the Google search cookie
• Delete the Google search cookie
• Block the Google search cookie
• Protect your privacy with G-Zapper Torrent Download
• Block the Google search cookie for good

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Protect your identity on the Google search engine by blocking the Google search cookie. When you search with the Google search engine and select any Google service or feature, your personal information is stored inside a cookie. So, if you search with your Google account, Google can retrieve your profile from the cookie and make a report. If you don’t want Google to retrieve your personal information, you can clear your internet browser’s cookies. We also encourage you to use our G-Zapper tool to
protect your identity when using Google.

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What’s New in the?

One-click privacy protection for Google’s search engine.
G-Zapper is a lightweight, easy-to-install application that provides one-click protection against Google’s tracking cookies.
G-Zapper keeps you anonymous while conducting searches with the Google search engine and does not affect your searching.
G-Zapper helps you protect your identity and this valuable “attention data” by blocking the Google search cookie.
Version History:
Version 2.1:
– Fixed: When the Google search cookie was blocked, Google search results did not always return the most correct or appropriate results.
Version 2.2:
– Fixed: When using Adblock Plus with Night mode the Google search cookie was getting blocked twice.
Version 2.3:
– Fixed: Problem with “Firefox has detected that the security tab in your browser is not working” error message.
Version 2.4:
– Minor: VIM based installer has been upgraded to version 1.0.1.
Version 2.5:
– Minor: Fixed an issue where G-Zapper used up to 40% CPU.
Version 2.6:
– Minor: The default installation location has been changed to the /opt directory.
– Fixed: The version number in the K-Menu was not indicating the actual version number of G-Zapper.
Version 2.6.1:
– Minor: The default installation location has been changed to the /opt directory.
Version 2.7:
– Minor: Removed the current list of Google search cookie names.
– Minor: Removed the disclaimer text that appeared when using the “Block Google search engine cookie” option.
– Minor: Minor improvements and bug fixes.
Version 2.8:
– Minor: Changed the default Google search cookie names list from 16 to 9. (This list will always be updated with new cookie names from Google search engine.)
Version 2.8.1:
– Minor: Fixed an issue where G-Zapper would crash when loading the Google search cookie names list if there were too many names in the list.
Version 2.8.2:
– Minor: Fixed an issue where G-Zapper would not start if the Google search cookie names list was missing.
Version 2.9:
– Minor: Updated the G-Zapper K-Menu icon with a more in-depth description of the program.
– Minor: Minor improvements and bug fixes.
Version 2.

System Requirements:

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