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Transferring files between two computers can be done in various ways, such as moving them via a thumb drive, or through an active Internet connection. For this latter option, FTPWAY attempts to help you establish connection a lot faster with a custom FTP server, upload, and download files with just a few mouse clicks.
Can be used on the go
First of all, the application is portable, meaning it doesn’t take you through a setup process to become functional. This allows you to carry it around on a USB flash drive to use it from any computer you’re working on. What’s more, registries remain intact, so you don’t have to worry about the stability of the target PC.
The main window is split into two sections to allow simple, and efficient management of both the source, and destination. By default, the source is your computer, targeted at the folder where the application is saved. This can easily be changed by pasting in a different address.
Save list of servers, and create transfer schedules
A connection needs to be established first, so you need to make sure you’re available across the network or online to be able to reach the target FTP server. The connection window allows you to save multiple locations so later on you connect without writing down all details. A proxy connection can be configured for more security, and additional options for using MLIS, TLS, NAT fast track, or passive transfer.
Once connection is established, you can freely move or copy files from one location to the other, given the target FTP server has provides proper permission. New folders can be created in either locations. What’s more, a schedule can be created in order to automate the process, and make it more comfortable.
To sum it up
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that FTPWAY is a practical application you can use to connect to a FTP server either via LAN or the Internet. The simple design makes it easy for individuals of all levels of experience to get the hang of things, while the scheduler component, and possibility to save the list of servers make the application worth your while.







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FTPWAY is an FTP client you can use from your desktop to manage files across various locations over a local network or the Internet. Simple to use and well integrated, the application gives you the ability to save your list of servers, create a schedule and transfers files. You’ll be able to use the FTP client in just a couple of minutes.
Key features:
* Manage FTP servers and upload/download files
* Supports proxy, MLIS, TLS, NAT fast track and passive mode
* Schedule creation
* Folders creation
* File renaming
* Save list of servers
* Multi-screen operations
* Window splitting
* File tree background
* Connection per proxy
* Multi language support
FTPWAY Main window:
Main window opens when application is launched. It consists of three tabs, which you can switch at will. The first tab is filled with options for connection and servers. The second one provides information about uploading and downloading processes, and the third one shows a connection schedule.
Administration and connection window:
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FTPWAY is a ready to use portable app for Windows 7 which makes the connection to your FTP server with one mouse click. It is an easy to use app which is ready for download now. This app is very easy to use and does not take much time to setup. Just insert the server in the profile, and click on the option to connect. It is simple to connect with the FTP server which is easy. It’s also a quick app to set up and use with you desktop.
FTPWAY is a freeware which is a simple and easy to use application. You can use this app to make the connection to your server. It is a great FTP application to make the connection to your FTP server easily. It is simple and easy to use.
There are lots of connection to FTP servers is available. FTPWAY is a handy and simple FTP application. It is an advanced FTP connection for Windows. It is very easy to use any application.
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What’s new in version 7.0:
– New Connection method
– New activity, move, rename
– New transfer
– New connection for other server
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FTPWAY allows you to transfer files between two computers without having to change the local files. You can do so from within a few clicks, without having to bother about the details of FTP protocol or the connection being online or not.
It allows you to connect to a server, upload and download files from it, and even manages all the folders that you created. The application is optimized for usage on mobile devices, meaning it takes you to the next level in terms of efficiency and usefulness on the go.
Key features:
• Custom FTP servers allow you to upload and download files from anywhere you have an Internet connection
• Upload files from your PC to servers located at other locations
• Download files from servers on other locations to your PC
• Easily upload and download between two hosts
• Automatically monitors files whenever they are updated and delivers file with the latest modification
• Handles files names that contain more than one file per directory
• Shares files between different locations
• Makes use of proxies to reduce connection time, use TSL, MLIS, NAT fast track to request better speeds
• Has scheduler to automate the process of connection, upload, and download
• Supports scheduler options that allow you to schedule your uploads and downloads
• Has an option to use proxies to connect from behind a firewall
• Displays a message whenever you have failed to connect a server
• Allows you to create a list of servers
For the full list, check the link below:

Where can you download and try:
• Google Play Store

• Apple App Store

Note: Due to current licensing limitations, we are currently not able to host the app on all channels.

FTPWAY Lite is the Lite version of the FTP client. In addition to all the features of the Full version, this version comes with the following features:
* Faster uploads and downloads.
* Instantly upload/download as many files as you want.
* Bulk file operations such as upload all or download all.
The FTP client is the easiest way to transfer files between computers.

What’s New in the FTPWAY?

FTPWAY is a FTP client that allows you to transfer files and share folders between two computers in the easiest way possible. You can use your phone, tablet, or laptop to transfer files between multiple locations without struggling to find the correct IP address. Here’s how it works.
At a Glance
FTPWAY is a program that anyone using a PC can use to transfer files and folders to a FTP site.
It can be used to transfer your data from local folders to a designated FTP site.
It simplifies the process of transferring files by providing a new user interface to make the whole process easy and enjoyable.
What’s New
FTPWAY version 8.5 is a comprehensive update of our software. Here is what we added in the new version.
Added new shortcut keys to customize the FTP protocol. Now it is much easier to transfer files with FTP protocol.
Added new shortcut keys to customize the FTP protocol. Now it is much easier to transfer files with FTP protocol.
Added support for Unicode. Now, the application is supported in languages.
Added support for Unicode. Now, the application is supported in languages.
Added security protocol options. Now we added new additional security options.
Added support for the standard password encryption techniques.
Added support for the standard password encryption techniques.
Added support for the Microsoft Wallet login techniques.
Added support for the Microsoft Wallet login techniques.
Added support for mobile devices. Now we added the support for mobile devices.

Active Tile Transfer is a robust solution for transferring your files, contacts, images, and data across your PCs, tablets, smartphones, or other gadgets. Active Tile Transfer is a robust solution for transferring your files, contacts, images, and data across your PCs, tablets, smartphones, or other gadgets.
Active Tile Transfer offers a simple and handy interface, which allows you to quickly transfer files between the mobile device and your computer using the active tile. It uses the transfer mode tile, which allows you to put any information you need to transfer into a tile. Active Tile Transfer doesn’t require you to use any special software on the devices you’re connected to. This means that when you’re ready to transfer, you can simply open the tile window and choose the desired file or folder. If you want to view the folder structure, you’ll be able to see the files and folders of your connected computer.
Active Tile Transfer allows you to transfer files using the predefined protocols, like Wi-


System Requirements:

To install the game, make sure you have at least 4 GB of RAM, a 3.3 GHz CPU, at least a 25″ screen, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or better
Minimum System Specifications:
Vulkan or OpenGL at least on Windows 7
i7-6700K @ 4.5 GHz
GeForce GTX 460 or higher
HD 3870/HD 4870
Athlon X2 6400+
GeForce GTX 1070 or


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