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The AutoCAD platform is widely used in the field of architecture, engineering, product design, and architectural engineering. The AutoCAD platform is also used for the production of civil engineering projects such as highways, buildings, bridges, and sewers. It is also used in the field of interior and exterior design for the planning and drawing of detailed architectural and construction drawings.

It is a medium-cost engineering package designed for more complex mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering projects. It is based on a topology-based drawing engine, which uses a set of predefined tools that a designer can use to quickly generate complex drawings.

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a commercial, integrated, two-dimensional, computer-aided drafting (CAD) software application developed and marketed by Autodesk. It is available as both a desktop app running on microcomputers with internal graphics controllers and as a mobile app.

It was introduced in 1982 as a desktop app. It was developed on a Smalltalk object-oriented development language, but is now based on the C++/Java programming language.

AutoCAD is marketed as an integrated software package that combines architectural drawing and modeling tools in one application. It is designed primarily for the field of architecture, engineering, and design; it is a medium-cost package that includes the following:

2D drafting – the two-dimensional drafting of buildings, sections, cross sections, frames, surfaces, angles, and vector objects and the creation of associative and formula objects

3D drafting – the creation of three-dimensional surfaces and solids, including imported and live images from computers, laser scanners, and optical scanners

Model-based design (MBD) – the creation of automatic geometry and for the creation of models that can be used for the creation of animation, animation importation, and modeling

Protection – the protection of documents, components, and drawings from modification, deletion, and alterations; the creation of digital signatures, in particular digital certificates; and the use of trust relationships

What is AutoCAD Mobile?

AutoCAD Mobile is a mobile application developed and marketed by Autodesk. It was first released in 2009 for the iPad and iPhone platforms, and has also been released on other mobile platforms. It is also available as a web app.

Autodesk Revit, a product of Autodesk that is optimized for architectural design and construction, is an integrated

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The programming language AutoLISP is a dialect of LISP based on the Smalltalk programming language. AutoLISP is similar to Visual LISP. In 2008, the makers of Autodesk Dream Architect announced that AutoLISP would be replaced with Autodesk’s new programming language, AutoLisp. AutoLisp is a proprietary extension of AutoLISP which was developed for AutoCAD Cracked Accounts, while AutoLISP was designed for drawing applications and was a replacement for LISP in the 1990s.

Engineering software
AutoCAD Mechanical
AutoCAD Architecture
AutoCAD Electrical
AutoCAD Civil 3D
AutoCAD Structural
AutoCAD Plant 3D
AutoCAD Electrical
AutoCAD Electrical 2D
AutoCAD Structural

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AutoCAD Serial Key Free Download (April-2022)

Open and choose your product license.
Search the product key in your installed software

* Enter your Autodesk product key on the Install Products page.
You will receive a confirmation dialog that includes the download URL

* Click Download or Finish.
You will see a confirmation dialog stating that the file has been

* Then you can see the file and you can install it.

How to unregister the Autodesk product
Open Autodesk Autocad and select “File”.
On the menu bar go to “Uninstall Autodesk Autocad”.

When asked to confirm, click “Yes” and then “OK”.

How to download the drivers

Getting the Autodesk Graphic Drivers

Autodesk Graphic Drivers on is an on-line shop that provides
Autodesk graphic drivers. Just browse the Autodesk drivers on
to get them.

Getting the Autodesk Graphic Drivers on the Web

You can also get Autodesk graphic drivers for free from the Autocad web

How to upload the drivers to your computer

You can choose whether to upload the drivers to your hard drive or
automatically to your computer.

Go to “File” on the menu bar.
Click “ Account” on the menu bar.
Select the “Autocad Download” button on the left to download the drivers.
You can also upload the drivers to your computer by selecting “Upload”

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

“The beginning of the end for our time” (Tim Berners-Lee): AutoCAD’s AutoMerge facility lets you merge drawings made in multiple sessions on the same computer. Use AutoMerge to synchronize and coordinate all changes to different layers and keep your drawing area up-to-date.

Drawings in the new KZT file format: All AutoCAD drawings support KZT file formats. You can now mix your original drawings with KZT drawings of all other formats supported by AutoCAD. (video: 3:08 min.)

“Automatic nodes”: Create and automatically change the logic of your drawings with automatic nodes, now available in an all-new ViewCube™ node tool. (video: 4:04 min.)

On-the-fly rendering: Now you can instantly preview your designs in 3D with the new AutoRender feature. Preview in 3D or 2D, or customize your previews with your own predefined camera positions. (video: 1:35 min.)

“Don’t waste my time”: New shortcuts let you annotate views in parallel with your drawing. (video: 1:09 min.)

Auto-Fit and AutoScale, new presentations in VPL, and many new features for speed and efficiency: AutoCAD 2023 uses a new CUI for even better performance and speed. Read more about these improvements in the new CUI Design Guide in the AutoCAD online help system. (video: 3:45 min.)

Auto-Fit / AutoScale: Auto-Fit / AutoScale is a new feature in the new CUI. It guides you through the process of creating AutoCAD drawings that are sized according to your custom settings.

TOGAF® Compatible: Now you can collaborate on AutoCAD drawings according to the standards defined by the Autodesk organization. This includes a new collaboration mode in 2D as well as new features such as alignment points for aligning your AutoCAD drawings to industry standards.

VPL presentations: Get the fastest interactive view of your AutoCAD drawings in VPL, the industry standard for interactive views.

The History of AutoCAD:

The history of AutoCAD is long and rich. It’s a history that’s often told, but with AutoCAD there’s no need

System Requirements:

MSI motherboard (MBO S2 PRO, MBO Z370 PRO or MBO A320i)
Precision PC Power supply (iXS Evolution)
Memory: 32 GB DDR4 RAM (two slots)
Graphics Card (All DirectX 11-Compatible):
AMD RX480 or RX580
Intel HD 630 or better
Intel UHD Graphics 630
Intel HD 5400
Integrated Graphics(Intel HD Graphics or Integrated graphics):
Graphics Card (

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